Elevated Grace

1. aşamaUltra Underbase is massaged into the face as primer. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 30 g, mixed with Make-up Blend 14 ml, creates a lightweight, natural finish while maintaining full coverage. This is applied to conceal shadows or redness. Shimmering Event Foundation in Golden Beige is mixed in with the Ultra Foundation to create a soft radiant base. A deeper, warmer shade of Ultra Foundation is then applied as contour using the Unicorn Perfecter Sponge.
2. aşamaHD Cream Liner in Bronze is blended on the eye lid adding a soft shimmer and base for the shadows. Eye Shadow Variety 18 Colors (V 5) is used to create the definition. A mix of the deeper brown tones are pressed along the lash line and blended upwards to develop a soft smoke. The mid tone browns are then placed and blended through the natural crease of the eye adding definition.
3. aşamaThe deeper tones in the Dual Finish Palette 6 Colors (Contouring) strengthen the contour and shading underneath the cheekbones and jaw line. TV6 are applied along the top lash line to create depth and frame the eyes. These are applied using Lash Adhesive Pro 4 g (neutral). Eye Liner (black) is finely drawn along the band of the lashes to blend the false into the natural lashes.
4. aşamaHD Micro Finish Powder (1) is worked into a powder puff and used to matt any high shine and set the base. Glamour Glow in Juicy Moon is applied along the cheekbones adding a soft sheen and a flush of color. Eye Shadow Iridescent in Golden Sand G is then lightly blended on to the cheekbones to add further warmth and highlight. Light strokes of Eyebrow Powder in Medium are brushed through the brows.
5. aşamaNUDE LIPS – Lip Care Balm is applied to the lips prior to application of color to help hydrate and smooth. Contour Pencil in 925 lines the lips and lightly fills in from the edges to add definition and a gradient effect. High Gloss in Illusion is coated on top using a small angled brush and is concentrated in the center of the lip to create a fuller pout.
6. aşamaRED LIPS – Lip Care Balm is applied to the lips to help hydrate and smooth. Faceliner in 30 is used to outline the lips and fill in to give definition. A thin layer of Lip Stain in Rock is coated on top and blended over the entire lip using a small angled lip brush. To add an intense high shine to this matte look High Gloss in Apricot is pressed into the center of the lip.

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