Trendlook SS21 Look 2

1. aşamaTake a small amount of Eye Shadow Primer and sweep across the entire eye; this will help to adhere the Eye Shadow Matt. Each color will be pressed onto the eyelid and blend into the next color. Start with Eye Shadow Matt (azure) in the inner corner and then blend into Eye Shadow Matt (paradise), Eye Shadow Matt (flirt), and then finally Eye Shadow Matt (lemon).
2. aşamaRepeat the same process underneath the lower lash line. Add a hint of Holographic Pigments (atmosphere) on top of Eye Shadow Matt (azure) for an iridescent effect. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and brow bone with Eye Shadow Matt (white).
3. aşamaActivate Aquacolor 8 ml (080) with a drop of water and mix to a creamy consistency. With a Professional Round Brush 0, apply the paint to create a graphic line that starts from the inner corner of the eye and then travels at an angle across the eye. Create a triangle that returns back to the outer edge of the eye. Line the waterline with HD Cream Liner (aqua). Complete the eye look with a coating of the Lash Innovation Mascara (black) to the top and bottom lashes.

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