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Make-up Is A Science: Dermacolor


At Kryolan, makeup is a science, and we uphold our unique formulations and ingredients to the highest standards of excellence. But what exactly goes into making a cosmetic product?

In this informative new webinar series, we delve into Kryolan's top-selling products, providing straightforward explanations of each ingredient for a comprehensive understanding.


To kick off the series, we start with Dermacolor—one of the world's leading cosmetic concealing creams. We'll explore the carefully curated ingredients that contribute to Dermacolor's efficacy, explaining their benefits and uses within the formulation while dispelling some common ingredient misconceptions in the process. Our goal is to demystify cosmetic ingredients, equipping you with knowledge to confidently inform your customers and clients. Join us to uncover the science behind beautiful skin with Dermacolor.

12:00pm - 12:45pm PST

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