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Special Effects - Blood & Gore


Level – All

Blood, gore and so much more are all explored in this blood curdling workshop. This training will introduce you to the wide range of casualty effects available whilst working with Kryolan’s extensive range of special effect products. This exciting workshop will take you through endless options of our blood supply. Our Kryolan educator will demonstrate how to showcase different blood effects depending on the wound; from congealed, thick, clotted, crusted and runny blood. Learn from our experts how to create realistic effects that can be used on stage and on the screen. Achieve open wounds, cuts, bullet explosions and master the realistic skin abrasion with the use of waxes and on skin silicone products. You can explore as much as you wish with this hands on workshop as the blood bank is never empty. Learn the skin anatomy to achieve realistic effects for burns and bruising from 1st to 3rd degree. Our expert training will guide you through the best tools, products and equipment suited to creating all the different types of special effects inclusive of the health and safety of these highly professional products.

All of our Kryolan educators are current make-up artists who have been in the industry for many years. You will learn about different techniques, products and equipment to use, and about the industry itself and how you can achieve the best artistry for that particular genre of make-up.

This workshop is held at our brand new Kryolan store in Covent Garden London from 10am until 5pm. The workshops are structured with demonstration and practical sessions. All products, brushes and equipment will be provided. You will not need to bring anything with you except yourself and your camera to capture images of the lesson. All workshop attendees will receive an information pack with a notepad, pen and make-up samples.

All of our workshop participants will par take in practical make-up application on each other. So please bear this in mind when you attend, you may wish to bring your own make-up remover products and your personal make-up if you wish to re-apply prior to leaving your training.

You will be awarded with a Kryolan UK Certificate of attendance that is recognised within the make-up industry.

This workshop is open to all, as our Kryolan educators will provide a service to cater for everyone, from beginners to advanced. Whether you would like an insight into this field of the make-up industry or you are wanting to brush up on your skills and advance your knowledge, this workshop is for you. We cater for up to 11 participants on our Kryolan UK workshops.

Workshops are provided in a COVID safe environment and are subject to change as per Government guidelines.

If two or more workshops are booked simultaneously for a single pupil, a 20% discount is applied.
A group booking discount of 25% is offered for 5 or more people.
Students receive a 10% discount on all workshops.
Pro Card holders receive a 20% discount on all workshops.

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