The High Priestess

This season we’re seeing the emerging trends of zodiac inspired make-ups with symbolism and representations of the mystical matters of the supernatural. Tarot and astrology have fascinated human beings for thousands of years. There is something about the unknown, the mysterious and magical that captivates our thoughts and imaginations, and if we’re totally honest, leaves most of us feeling a little spooked out! So, what better time to delve into the depths of this fantastical world than Halloween?! Explore your own inner mystical powers with these two inspired characters. After all, 2020 has us all asking, what next?! Is it written in the stars or do the turning of tarot cards show us our fate? You decide!
1. aşamaMix equal amounts of HD Cream Liner (snow) and HD Cream Liner (bronze) together and then apply the blend over the entire eyelid, up to the eyebrow ensuring any edges are diffused using a soft blending brush. Eye Shadow Matt (AB 6) and Eye Shadow Matt (RB 36) are pressed into the socket line and blended through into the inner corners. Buff the application into the outer corner of the eyes in a rounded shape. Eye Shadow Matt (aqua) is then buffed around the outer edges of the socket line to give a monochromatic gradient of colors. A mix of Supracolor 8 ml (mandarin), Supracolor 8 ml (509) and Supracolor 8 ml (V 23) in Supracolor is placed into the center of the eyelid and the edges, this is then set with Eye Shadow Matt (almond).
2. aşamaUltra Foundation (alabaster) is mixed with Supracolor 8 ml (070) and applied all over the skin to give a porcelain look. Glamour Glow (icy blush) is buffed over the foundation creating an iridescent, polished finish to the base. Supracolor 8 ml (03) and Supracolor 8 ml (R 21) are mixed together and applied along the cheekbones and on the apples of the cheek. The edges are diffused using the Blue Master Dual-Fibre Blending Brush Small. Eye Shadow Matt (RB 36) and Eye Shadow Matt (AB 6) are applied along the lower lash line and connected to the eye shadow on the upper mobile lid. Eye Shadow Matt (aqua) is blended on the outside edge of the application to create a soft ombré of monochromatic color.
3. aşamaHD Cream Liner (snow) is used to create the base of the symbolic detailing on the forehead. Eye Liner (white) is then used to sharpen up the edges and achieve fine graphic line work above the crescent design. Eye Liner (grey) is used in contrast to create the inner half-moon detail. Next, Supracolor in Supracolor 8 ml (mandarin), Supracolor 8 ml (509) and Supracolor 8 ml (V 23) are mixed together to create the same color on the center of the lid and applied to the middle of the headpiece. This is then set with Eye Shadow Matt (almond), creating an earthy taupe hue. Eyebrow Forming Gel is brushed through the eyebrows defining the hairs and holding them in place.
4. aşamaBody Jewels (blue) and Body Jewels Pearls are used for the three-dimensional embellishment along the top of the brows and to accentuate the design on the forehead. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is applied along the waterline and the upper lash line to merge the Eyelashes in ‘Fasion F3’ that have been applied using Lash Adhesive Pro 4 g. Eye Liner (grey) is used to apply the line work connected to the lower lash line and creates 4 dots on each cheekbone. Pure Pigments Metallic (pure orange) is mixed with Cake Eye Liner Sealer to add metallic finishes to both the inner corner and the line work. Eye Liner (white) then continues the details down the center of the nose.
5. aşamaHD Cream Liner (lapis lazuli) and HD Cream Liner (aqua) are mixed together to match the tones in the eye make-up. This is then applied all over the top and bottom lip as the base color. Eye Shadow Matt (RB 36) is pressed into the center of both lips to intensify and enhance the depth of color. Eye Shadow Matt (aqua) is then gently buffed along the top and bottom lip line to diffuse the edging of the lip and to create a monochromatic ombré on the lip. Eye Liner (white) is carefully applied using the Blue Master Precision Liner Brush to achieve the single graphic line detail in the center of the lower lip.

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