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A top tip is to prepare the lips with Eye Shadow Primer first. Using a synthetic tightly packed, flat brush, like the Blue Master Defining Lip Brush, enables you to have more control and a smoother application. Load High Gloss (fashionista) onto a Make-up Blending Plate using the applicator provided in the tube, then load the product onto your brush and start in the center of the lip. Carefully define the cupids bow using the rounded tip of the brush then apply to the bottom lip line using the straight edge. Finally smooth out the High Gloss from the center to the corners of the lip. Layers can be added for personal preference of coverage.
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Prepare the lips to begin with Eye Shadow Primer. For personal use the brush provided on the applicator wand can be used. Or if preferred a synthetic brush like the Premium Lip Brush is perfect. With the built-in brush, do not pump the applicator too much as this can push air bubbles in that may be visible once applied. Start with the cupids bow and apply High Gloss (candy) up to the lip line. Then layer the gloss in the center of the bottom lip down to the lower lip line. Finally turning the brush to its full length and smooth the High Gloss out into the corners of the lips. Blot your lips together to ensure you have an even coverage.

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